Helena's Transition: One Woman's Journey to Freedom

A safeplace in a scary world

A Journal of Hope

It’s been a while

Hello all. I has been a bit of time since I have posted on this blog. I want to assure you that I have not abandoned it. Rather I am reorganizing this page and will soon be going multimedia. It is my intention to start filming you tube episodes as a supplement to my blog,Continue reading “It’s been a while”

My Real Beginning

Hello all. It has been a crazy eye opening month for me. I’ve waited to put down my thoughts because I’ve had to digest recent events. Life is strange and wonderful. Sometimes our fears are totally baseless. Sometimes we see the trap before we fall into it. Recently I have wanted to be more social.Continue reading “My Real Beginning”

The fear is real…

I am afraid. I live in fear every day of my life. I am a transgender woman, part of a marginalized group. I have been assaulted for being a “fag” in my life. I have had medical professionals dismiss my right to healthcare. I have been homeless and billeted with all men, fearing every nightContinue reading “The fear is real…”

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